We believe that matters of faith are intimately linked to matters of the world and that we have a unique obligation to pursue justice and loving-kindness. This mandate is not just a hip cultural fad but is deeply rooted in our tradition and sacred texts. The Torah makes clear that the pursuit of justice is holy work and a vital part of preparing the world for the coming of Messiah.

Stuff we do and support:

  • Provide regular Shabbat and holiday services for a local retirement home.
  • Visit the sick in hospitals, homes and recovery centers. 
  • SOVA - Collecting canned food and other non-perishable items for those in need.
  • WALK TO END GENOCIDE - Annual walk to raise awareness and fight against genocide and mass atrocities. 
  • CHEVRA - Humanitarian aid and care for those in need, particularly Holocaust survivors, in Eastern Europe and Israel.
  • ACTION KIVU - Investing in women, children and communities in the war-torn regions of Congo through vocational training, education and creating paths toward peace and prosperity.
  • HANDS OF MERCY - Providing humanitarian aid to victims of terror, primarily in Israel.